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FrightFest Review: Demonic

source Out: 7th September / 82 minutes / 2015 / Rating: 15 / ICON Entertainment / Dir. Will Canon

Demonic follows Detective Lewis (Frank Grillo), a Louisiana police officer, as he is tasked with investigating a multiple murder case at a secluded house in the countryside. With only one survivor left to tell the tale, Detective Lewis and police psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Klein (Maria Bello) try their best to uncover what went on at the house…

FrightFest 2015 is finally over, after four days of showing the best in new and cult cinema to thousands of fans. While Infernal Cinema were unable to attend, we were lucky enough to see some of this years titles in advance. So here’s our review for DEMONIC, which was screened at the horror event of the year and will soon be making it’s way to UK DVD…

The biggest hook for this FrightFest flick is the fact that it is presented to the viewer as a James Wan movie. While not the director (that honour goes to Will Canon) Wan is producer for Demonic, his name value existing due to directing horror hits such as Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring. His involvement has been used as marketing tool.

But it sets expectations too high for Demonic, by attracting attention for the movie by touting the Wan Connection it may have potential viewers believing that Demonic will be every bit as exciting and scare filled as his other works. It doesn’t do Will Canon any favours.


It is perhaps a little harsh to concentrate on the delights wrongly hinted at by the marketing departments trumpeting of Wan’s involvement. Canon does have a good direction style, the film is finely shot. He clearly has a developing talent, as this is his second feature length. He follows the course of this type of feature to a good enough level. But nothing stands out.

The plot and scares aren’t outstanding, they are standard for anyone with more than a passing interest in horror. Demonic will feel very familiar as a result. The story unfolds in a non-surprising manner, the frights are easy to predict and the plot twists won’t leave anyone reeling. The movie never gets out of the basics, which is a shame considering Canon’s emerging talent.

A positive can be gleamed from Demonic, however. It looks ‘the business’, it has a very slick aesthetic to it. It feels like a big budget horror heavyweight (ironically like some of Wan’s titles) and at least doesn’t look dull or drab. Verdict.
Demonic follows multiple key aspects of the horror genre, which stops the movie from achieving better.

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