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WWE: Signature Sounds DVD Review

go to link Out: Now / 52 minutes / Rating: PG / WWE Home Video

This WWE DVD release is a short affair, less than an hour, that claims to list the top 25 intro themes of wrestlers in WWE history. As is typical with a WWE produced complication/list release the running order of things and some inclusions are either odd, political or actually spot on.

Wrestling in music has had a big impact, dating back to the early 1980’s when people like the Freebirds, Junkyard Dog and Sgt Slaughter started to walk to the ring with a song playing over the PA system to get the fans excited for their encounters. So this DVD is selling the phenomena short by examining just 25 songs and only those of WWE.

Without giving everything away, some of the inclusions bare comment. The list seems to lean heavily on current superstars entrance music. While it is understandable that John Cena is listed (he is WWE’s top star, so he has to be in the list) it is a little odd that the Prime Time Players get put in there. I Know You Want Me, the music for Sunny, is here and it’s probably the first time anyone has considered it a ‘great’ piece of music.

There are some startling omissions too. One of the best known themes of all time is absent: Real American for Hulk Hogan. As this was recorded before the companies falling out with Hulk in July 2015 over his racist rant (Signature Sounds was released in the US in 2014) it must be assumed this is because the song was recorded by an outside artist.

Which brings us to Jim Johnston, who penned pretty much all the songs on this list and hundreds more for WWE. The man himself appears on screen and talks the viewer through many of the themes that are in the top 25. Not only that but he plays live in his studio what was his original idea for a certain stars music. It’s a great insight into a man whose material is heard countless times a year but who is never seen.

Genuine ‘classics’ of WWE are on offer, such as the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X and Mr Perfect. Shame there was no Legion of Doom theme, though.

There are a few tracks as extras, Goldust’s theme being a highlight. Verdict.
One for hardcore fans only, but as it costs only a fiver this might tempt other WWE fans to make a purchase.

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