FrightFest Presents Reveal Titles for 2016

Following the successful launch of the worlds foremost horror label in October this year the second wave of titles to be released under the FrightFest Presents banner are now officially confirmed.

From February 29th terror once again comes home with the release of six disturbingly good titles, all hand picked by the expert FrightFest team. This all-new selection showcases some of the very best genre films being made today by the most exciting filmmakers emerging onto the horror scene, and is guaranteed to deliver true shocks and scares straight into your home.The complete line-up includes: The Lesson, Last Girl Standing, Landmine Goes Click, Curtain, The Unfolding and Emelie.

Previous titles released through FrightFest Presents include the acclaimed festival favourites Aaaaaaaah!, The Sand, Night Of The Living Deb, Estranged, After Death and Some Kind of Hate.

“Our initial slate set out the stall of what FrightFest Presents is all about and got the brand off to a flying start thanks to its diversity and ability to deliver the shocking goods for genre lovers. Now we are building on that strong foundation with six more unmissable titles that once more shines a light on our market uniqueness and ambition to build a catalogue of first class chillers that is second to none”, said Alan Jones, co-director of FrightFest.

FrightFest Presents titles are available across key digital partners, including iTunes, Sky Store, Virgin Movies, Blinkbox, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Video, Wuaki, Talk Talk, Horrorshow and Volta.

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Wave Two: Available to Download and Rent from February 29th through to March 14.

February 29, 2016

here The Lesson
Director: Ruth Platt
Cast: Robert Hands, Evan Bendall, Michaela Prchalová, Rory Coltart, Joshua Wedge
The Lesson is a dark, painful and savagely funny psychological thriller unlike any you’ve seen before.
Fin and Joel are two teenage wasters running wild. But they get a taste of their own medicine when a teacher at the end of his tether decides to teach both schoolboys a lesson they will never forget.

comprare viagra originale senza ricetta Last Girl Standing
Director: Benjamin R. Moody
Cast: Akasha Villalobos, Danielle Evon Ploeger, Brian Villalobos, JD Carrera, Ryan Hamilton
Five years ago, a masked killer brutally murdered a group of friends. Since then, Camryn (Akasha Villalobos), the lone survivor, has struggled to reclaim her shattered life. Wracked with guilt and paranoia, Camryn leads a depressingly lonely existence until Nick (Brian Villalobos), a new co-worker, befriends Camryn and attempts to integrate her into his group of friends. Just when she might be ready to start a new life, Camryn’s past comes back to haunt her. Can Camryn ever have a life again, or is she destined to be alone? Part slasher movie, part character study, Last Girl Standing is a penetrating and intimate look at what happens to the survivors of horror movies.

Read our review HERE.

March 7, 2016

source url Landmine Goes Click
Director: Levan Bakhia
Cast: Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Kote Tolordava, Dean Geyer, Nana Kiknadze
Three American tourists are backpacking through the remote countryside of European Georgia when one of them gets trapped on an armed landmine. However that seems to be a minor threat when a local psychopath comes to their aid and things start to get a whole lot worse.

see url Curtain
Director: Jaron Henrie-McCrea.
Cast: Danni Smith, Tim Lueke, Martin Monahan, Rick Zahn, Preston Lawrence.
A burnt out nurse moves into a new apartment in search of a simpler life. But when her shower curtains begin to disappear through a mysterious portal she discovers there’s no such thing as simple in this world, or any other.

March 14, 2016

here The Unfolding
Director: Eugene McGing
Cast: Lachlan Nieboer, Robert Daws, Nick Julian, Kitty McGeever, Lisa Kerr
In 2016 a fearful world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. A young researcher in psychical events, together with his girlfriend, travel to the legendary wilds of Dartmoor, England, to investigate a rambling, centuries old building – here they find themselves drawn into a murder mystery from the past, a mortal confrontation with pure evil, and a fight for their very survival.

follow url Emelie
Director: Michael Thelin
Cast: Sarah Bolger, Joshua Rush, Carly Adams, Carl Bailey, Thomas Bair.
The Thompsons, a loving family living in a peaceful suburb are the very definition of wholesome normalcy. But on the eve of their thirteenth wedding anniversary their usual babysitter has to cancel, leaving Dan and Joyce to call upon a new girl who seems like a dream come true to their three children: Christopher, Sally and Jacob. As the night creeps on, the kids slowly realize something is very wrong and this woman is not who she claims to be. Jacob, the eldest, must grow up quickly if he wants to save his siblings from the sinister intentions of Emelie, the disturbed woman masquerading as their babysitter.

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