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New HALLOWEEN Film in the Works with John Carpenter

discussions on prednisone side effects Blumhouse Productions and a number of horror news websites have today revealed the news that a new HALLOWEEN movie is in the works. 

clomid drug dosage Blumhouse, Miramax and Trancas International Films will work as a team to bring the beloved franchise back to the big screen. For a time it appeared that Dimension would be doing the honours, however their ownership of the HALLOWEEN copyright had lapsed. But Michael Myers was always bound to find a way to comeback and the Blumhose/Miramax/Trancas partnership is the proof. 

Although no news has been revealed in relation to this being a full on reboot, a prequel, a sequel or something else. More will come with time, but for now at least fans will know they are getting a new HALLOWEEN of some shape or form.

More excitingly is that the director of the original John Carpenter will serve as executive producer and creative consultant. His involvement no doubt will have longtime fans giddy at the news. He is still in talks to be composer of the new, ‘modest’ budgeted HALLOWEEN. If he does sign on to provide music for the film then fans will be even more giddy.

Since the original was released in 1978 there have been numerous sequels, a reboot and countless copycats. But now he has came home. John Carpenter is back in Haddonfield. 

Thanks to Blumhouse, Arrow in the Head and Halloween Movies.