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EVIL GAMES (2015) DVD Review

new fertility drug like clomid ovulation get link Out: 7th Nov / Run time: 90 mins / Rating: 15 / Matchbox Films / Dir. Adrian Garcia Bogliano

After losing his job and marriage, a middle aged office worker combats mid-life crisis by kidnapping his bosses teenage daughter. But the abduction does not go to plan and he soon finds himself victim to an unexpected orgy of revenge and violence.

This is the latest feature from Spanish director/writer Adrian Garcia Bogliano, a man known for Here Comes the Devil (2012). EVIL GAMES, known in other territories as Scherzo Diabolico, sees him tackle both duties again.

It’s a complex story, that takes in several different subplots. For much of the run time it feels as if most of them aren’t that relevant to the central plot. For great chunks of the movie Bogliano simply leaves these elements behind altogether and when he re-introduces them later on it almost comes as a shock. The viewer will be busy trying to recall the last moment a certain character or situation appeared in the feature. Because the different story strands mainly manage to tie together at the end for a logical conclusion its strange some would be neglected for so long.

Plot synopsis’ online for EVIL GAMES paint a somewhat different movie to what actually happens, the one that Infernal Cinema was provided with was no different. They talk of Aram (Francisco Barreiro) being a loser of a guy that can’t get the promotion he wants and his wife hates him. While this is hinted at during the start of the title, it is greatly overshadowed by the success he has. After he kidnaps schoolgirl Anabella (Daniela Soto Vell) and locks her away in an abandoned warehouse, he lives an extraordinary life. He is promoted at work, starts nailing the hot secretary and his woeful marriage suddenly strengthens. During this he enjoys sex games with a call girl, too. Aram seems like a winner and his kidnapping of a young girl seems insignificant. This being a horror movie the villain has to receive his comeuppance.

It eventually happens. His misdeed of locking Anabella away and his manipulation of others to further his own career and needs backfire on him. But the way in which this happens is quite different to what is expected. Bogliano swerves the tone of his film into an almost completely different direction. The fall out of Aram’s misdeeds result in some brutal and surprising developments.

EVIL GAMES is devoid of blood until the end of Aram’s run of good luck. Once that happens there are a few gory and bloody scenes. One sees somebody’s head being smashed to pieces. Always a crowdpleaser.

go Verdict.
Despite issues with the somewhat confusing plot strands, EVIL GAMES manages to be entertaining and finishes on a brutal note.