Donald Farmer Returns With Cannibal Cop

Some cops are hungry for justice…
Donald Farmer’s cult classic Vampire Cop has been a hit so far with fans and critics via the limited edition media releases of SRS Cinema. Now nearly 30 years later, Donald ventures back into law enforcement with a new twist – Cannibal Cop!
Detective Warbeck is a little different. Warbeck is hungry for flesh! Ever since Warbeck crossed paths with a vengeful Voodoo Queen he’s become a half-man,.half zombie – cursed to a nocturnal rampage of unholy cannibal terror!  Warbeck is now a Cannibal Cop and he’s about to unleash a gut-ripping crime wave like this city’s never seen!
Only one woman can stop him – a crusading vigilante who wants to put the brakes on Warbeck’s blood-smeared flesh feast! But who can stop a man cursed with the supernatural power of voodoo? Especially when that man is a Cannibal Cop?
Concept art
Cult director Donald Farmer, the creator of Cannibal Hookers and Vampire Cop, unleashes his latest nightmare with Cannibal Cop – starring Jason Crowe, Channing Dodson, Roni Jonah, Kasper Meltedhair and Alaine Huntington.”
Cannibal Cop is currently available on special limited edition Bluray and VHS at  DVD and VOD go into wide release everywhere on Sept. 12.