Channel Zero: Season One Blu-ray Review

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A grown man returns to the town he grow up in, where he confronts his dark past and re-discovers an obscure kids TV show named Candle Cove. Then the strange events begin to happen…

Originally airing in the US on Syfy, to decreasing viewing figures, Channel Zero has still earned a fan base that has seen a second season made with two more on the way. The series was created around Kris Staub’s Creepypasta blog.

Now, a year after it’s initial run and following much praise, it hits Blu-ray in the UK as a two disc release. At a time when people purge watch episodes of a television show via Netflix and other stream services, fans of Channel Zero can purge on this boxset. As is the case with a show that compels the viewer to watch episode after episode this programme lures you in. It gives just enough away each episode to ensure you immediately watch the next in line.

Candle Cove is definitely that. While the first episode is a little sedate it leads into a second that puts a spotlight on the bizarre kids show ‘Candle Cove’. It usually spells bad news for those that can see it and brings to mind Cronenberg’s Videodrome. While Debbie Harry is nowhere to be seen, this has that same strange urge to discover the pirate broadcasts meaning and origins. The further into the story you go the more likely you want to find out if your own theories about what is happening are correct.

As well as this more and more creepy imagery seeps into proceedings. The most startling being a person whose skin seems to be made of human teeth. There’s also children brutally killing people and weird, mute figures stalk about in peoples dreams. Candle Cove has been compared to Twin Peaks and it is probably because of these aspects, however this review thinks the show has more in common with David Lynch’s movies and not his infamous television series.

The show ends on a manic note with the final episode crammed with scares, violence and creepy goings on as all the plots and subplots are resolved. While the conclusion has some holes it does give some of the answers that viewers seek.

The production values of this programme are faultless, the image throughout looks slick and vibrant. The high def of the Blu-ray no doubt helps, at times this feels like a sleek US drama. Then the guy covered in teeth shows up to remind you there’s a bit more excitement to proceedings than a drama serial.

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