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47 Metres Down (2016) DVD Review

enter pillola viagra wikipedia drug On sale 27th November from Entertainment One. Directed by Johannes Roberts.

want to buy levitra Sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are on holiday in Mexico as Lisa gets over a recent breakup. When they meet two gorgeous locals who offer to take them cage diving with great white sharks, Kate persuades her reluctant sister that some excitement in her life is exactly what she needs. Far out at sea, under the guidance of Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine), the rickety metal cage is lowered into the water. However, when the cage suddenly breaks away from the boat they find themselves plummeting 47 metres to the seabed, with less than an hour of oxygen left and a group of hungry predators circling.

For the early going this feature feels like a teen or ‘young persons’ drama about some pretty and handsome pals on holiday, having a great time and surrounded by stunning scenery. Of course the story turns into something more unsettling once they decide it would be a great item to get in a shark cage to get up close and personal with the sea psychos.

When the captain of the ship says that the shark they encounter alongside the vessel is ’20 feet long’ this should be taken as an omen that they need to leave straight away or get a bigger boat. They do neither, instead two young sisters jump in the as mentioned shark cage and get dropped into the ocean. This being a movie the sh*t hits the fan almost straight away and the shark cage comes free from the ship as they plummet 47 metres down.

Running low on oxygen and potentially being eaten by very hungry sharks is where the more serious drama comes from after this, with the two girls panicking for a way out. Along the way they even have a heart to heart and do a spot of bonding. Who wouldn’t?

Some of the plot developments are fairly predictable although credit must be given for a twist ending that greatly alters the tone of the film and provides a real shock.

The film originally started off life as a straight-to-DVD release under the name of In The Deep before being picked up for a cinema release which saw the movie take in over $50 million worldwide. On a budget of $5 million this is an undoubted success.

While 47 Metres Down follows a formulaic route, the director/writer Johannes Roberts shoots it in a way that isn’t boring and compliments the underwater seas with some eye catching cinematography. Again, the twist ending is a shock and enhances the feature.

A sequel, 48 Metres Down, is in the works.

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