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Monster X (2017) DVD Review

watch acquistare tadalafil senza ricetta pagamento online On sale 19th Feb 2018 from High Fliers Films. Directed by Sean van Leijenhorst, Daniel B Iske, Patrick Rea and Jaysen Buterin.

In this monstrous tale, vampires, werewolves and zombies rip their way out of hell and into our world. A young couple find themselves stranded in an old theatre as ghosts, demons and other monsters descend upon them. They will have to risk everything to defeat the monsters and save the world.

Monster X is a heartfelt homage to horror cinema that resides in the anthology subgenre which has had renewed interest in recent years.

Not only does this allow for more stories and plots within the feature itself but is taken advantage of to see many classic horror movie baddies or ghouls get screen time. Werewolves, vampires and zombies all make an appearance. While some of the stories struggle to stand out from the others the over all tone of the movie is a tongue in cheek, fun experience.

It tries to present the ‘wrap around’ story as a couple going between screens at a movie theatre. Whatever they stumble upon then takes over the narrative and is what the viewer sees. Eventually Monster X becomes a little like Lamberto Bava’s mad classic Demons (1985).

The film is admittedly short considering all the things crammed into it although this maybe why Monster X works despite some script issues. It has a fair few gags in it, too.

One for horror movie fans to watch for it’s spirit and obvious love of the genre it sometimes pokes fun at, Monster X is a short yet rewarding watch. Definitely worth a rental. Oddly it is made by the same firm responsible for Star Paws (2016).

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