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Revolt (2017) DVD Review

follow site miglior sito per acquistare levitra generico spedizione veloce On sale 29th January from Entertainment One, directed by Joe Miale.

list of male infertility drugs clomid Suffering from amnesia, a U.S. Special Forces soldier (Lee Pace) wakes up in a prison cell in Nairobi with no idea how he got there or who he is.

He soon discovers that there has been a cataclysmic invasion of Earth by an unknown alien threat. However, a resistance is mounting and it isn’t long before the soldier joins them in an all or nothing last stand to take the planet back.

With a user rating firmly in the middle on IMDb, Revolt is actually much better than this.

It has several factors in its favour although the biggest are both visually related. Filmed in South Africa the many external scenes are stunning to watch. The CGI is also impressive considering the budget was only a few million.

For a first time full length feature as director Joe Miale shows a lot of promise. He has an eye for shots that capitalise on the dual visual riches available to him, with Revolt feeling like a far bigger picture than it really is. He also makes use of the orange and brown hues the desert environments present, making things strangely warm and inviting.

Although Revolt has several characters, the story concerns itself with just two for the most. The confused Bo (Lee Pace) and the determined Nadia (Berenice Marlohe). Helping each other, they eventually tackle alien robots, hijacks and AWOL soldiers that all seem intent on doing them over or killing them. A romance seems to develop between the two, although this ultimately leads nowhere.

Thankfully Miale sticks with the more intriguing plot of Bo having no memory of who he is, with glimpse of who he really is flashing up throughout. It should be noted that for a man with amnesia he still knows how to kick ass and shoot up robots. 

Revolt is admittedly not original, watching the film the viewer will see influences of countless other sci-fi movies. But that’s post-modernism for you. Revolt works despite this and is a very entertaining watch. Hopefully word will spread and cause this to be seen by more people.

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