Terrifier (2017) VOD Review

On VOD from 27th March via Dread Central Presents…, directed by Damien Leone.

This gory 80’s slasher throwback takes place on Halloween night as the demented Art the Clown sets his sights on terrorizing two girls and anyone else that gets in his way.

Terrifier has a bit of a back story. Its central character, Art the Clown, made its debut in a 2008 short film named The 9th Circle and then another short in 2011 also sporting the name Terrifier, then going on to be given a bigger spotlight in feature length horror anthology All Hallows’ Eve in 2013. Now Dread Central Presents is unleashing Art in a full length version of Terrifier.

It is unashamedly over the top and manic, this is a movie that goes for what it wants and doesn’t care if those watching may not enjoy it. This is certainly a flick for those that do want to see something that blasts through its run time without pause for thought.

Undoubtedly the star of the feature is David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. Throughout his performance is one of complete dedication, he looks as if he is having a blast. With the aid of make up and special effects his deranged grin is something that is menacing yet pretty cool. Much like clowns and mimes of a bygone era he uses his whole body to sell his performance and what he is doing. Art the Clown has what it takes to become a cult horror icon.

The cast also benefits from Jenna Kanell and Catherine Corcoran, two young actresses that will be known to genre fans. Kanell has starred in The Bye Bye Man (2017) and Corcoran has been involved with Troma.

The gore is of a impressive and even on a nostalgic level. It brings back memories of the blood spill and violence in the likes of golden period Fulci films. The opening scene sees one poor woman have her face smashed to a bloody pulp. The camera does not shy away from this or many more moments of giddy gore.

The history of Art the Clown was mentioned earlier and that was also a brief history of this features director/producer/editor/writer Damien Leone. His creation is undoubtedly his baby having first used it ten years ago. He has been with it every step of the way and this movie is no different. Here he finally gets to unleash it fully formed and ready for what could lead to more Terrifier flicks. 

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