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Imitation Girl (2017) VOD Review

watch source url Available on VOD from 16th March by Dread Central Presents, directed by Natasha Kermani.

When an alien takes the form of an adult film star, both must learn to cope with the complexities of being human.

Imitation Girl can be summed up as follows: it’s weird and Lauren Ashley Carter.

Not much is explained during its story, which is a shame as a lot of questions are raised that need answers. The film starts with some sort of meteorite smashing into some rocks in a location that would be right at home in The Hills Have Eyes. Then black ooze leaks from it onto a porno mag that a startled young boy had just left. The woman on the cover, pornstar Julianna Fox (Carter), then comes to life. 

The rest of the story follows her learning to be human and her interactions with a man and his sister who find her as well as the life of the ‘real’ Julianna. The fake Julianna (which will be shortened to FJ going forward) spends much of the film falling in love with the man or learning how to cook. The real Julianna (RJ) is shown getting high, making porn or sleeping with female fans. It is obvious RJ is not in a good place. 

RJ has a chance to change this, as she was once a dancer and could play piano, with an audition at a conservatory (no, things don’t end up like Suspiria). But she blows this and doubts what she is doing with her life. Around this time FJ sees RJ doing porn on a TV channel (really???) and manages to hunt her down. 

The ending is a real head scratcher, perhaps this reviewer was missing something?

For much of the run time the sci-fi genre is left behind in favour of a melodrama vibe. The underrated score and direction lend themselves to this. Kermani has an artistic eye. But ultimately those wanting answers may be more concerned with Imitation Girl not getting back to some of the many questions it has brought up along the way.

Lauren Ashley Carter is pretty much in every scene which is no surprise considering the dual nature of her role. She has appeared in other genre movies like Jug Face (2013) and Darling (2015, which is currently on Now TV in the UK). Carter is a talented actress and roles like these will hopefully win her new fans.

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