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Female Fight Club (2016) DVD Review

over the counter drug like clomid calculator how to get viagra online On sale now from Exploitation Films, directed by Miguel Ferrer.

Dolph Lundgren gets in some training of his own as he helps Rebecca, a female fighter played by Amy Johnston, get back into the ring after a brutal tragedy. With her sister Kate, Rebecca enters the world of illegal underground fighting resuming the role of ‘Bex the Beast’. While training Kate’s team, Rebecca must confront the cruel, dangerous promoter who is threatening her sister’s life – and that of her young daughter.

With a name like Female Fight Club and featuring an appearance from Dolph Lundgren you would be forgiven for thinking this movie would take a walk on the exploitation side.

Only it doesn’t. Female Fight Club is like many films that feature a long retired street or underground prize fighter trying to live a normal life only for something to force them back into the world they tried to escape. But this time it’s a woman instead of a man doing the fighting. Amy Johnston’s character is working at a dogs home when her past catches up with her and is eventually back to fighting other females in shady situations. The story is as predictable as it sounds.

By-the-numbers throughout, the story lets down the decent fight scenes that took place. Star Amy Johnston does all of her own fight scenes, which is no shock considering she’s also a stunt woman. She is an acceptable actress too, which is good considering the fight sequences sometimes happen far apart from each other. 

The ending happens exactly as you guess it will end, although the fight scenes are cranked up and are allowed more screen time.

This is the first full length movie of Miguel Ferrer, who does show some talent that will hopefully improve in the years to come.

Lundgren is not in it as much as the DVD cover suggests, he pops up in a scene or two at the start and the end to speak a couple of lines.

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