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Space Truckers (1996) Blu-ray Review go to link Out 14th May from Second Sight, directed by Stuart Gordon.

source site John Canyon’s a long in the tooth space trucker who’ll haul anything anywhere. His latest assignment is to carry a top-secret shipment and ask no questions. Joined by his girlfriend and a new rookie apprentice, the trio runs into trouble when they cross paths with ruthless pirate Captain Macanudo who discovers the mysterious cargo – an army of invincible killing machines that are headed for earth! Stuart Gordon is a god among cult cinema fans and for good reason. The man behind the likes of Re-Animator (1985), From Beyond (1986), Robot Jox (1990) and Catstle Freak (1995) has earned a place in the hearts of many for creating some genuinely thrilling movies.

clomid pills online uk pharmacies This effort by Gordon is not as fondly remembered as some of his earlier works but it is still worth a watch. Space Truckers sees the director dedicate himself fully to the title as the feature not only follows a space trucker but sees the trucker culture and lifestyle reworked for a sci-fi vibe. It’s all done tongue in cheek and at times is almost over the top, it even brings to mind sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf.

With this being a movie set in space there is a lot of CGI at work. As Space Truckers was made in 1996 and there was a limited budget involved the CGI isn’t as advanced as what viewers are use to now. It is acceptable but the high definition only highlights how primitive the technique was at this time. There are practical effects in use too but these suffer from the HD as well. The ‘square pigs’ still look great it should be noted.

The biggest asset of Space Truckers is its star Dennis Hopper. While this is not one of his best known roles (there’s probably fans of his who are unaware he did Space Truckers) he approaches it with his usual style. His interactions with other stars Stephen Dorff and Debi Mazar have a warm, genuine feel to them. British actor Charles Dance gives his typical straight faced performance despite the frivolous nature of his surroundings (just watch the scene in which he tries to have ‘sex’ with Mazar for proof).

go site Pick of the Extras:

Space Trucking with Stuart Gordon – 22 minutes long, the director talks about the success of Fortress (1993) and how the funding came together for this title, people thinking the movies name was bad, the pluses and negatives of working with Hopper, Dance’s involvement and the missed opponent the movie had when a big studio wanted to release it for a time, plus more.

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