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Insidious: The Last Key (2018) DVD Review

source url acquistare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Milano Out 21st May from Sony Pictures, directed by Adam Robitel Lin Shaye reprises her role as parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier, who returns to her family home to face the unrelenting demons that have plagued her since childhood. Accompanied by her two investigative partners, Specs and Tucker, Elise must delve deeper into the Further to unlock the mystery and destroy her greatest fear.

The biggest money maker of the Insidious franchise so far, The Last Key is by no means the best of the films. It was supposed to be the final chapter but like many other sequel/prequel happy horror series Insidious may well come back from the dead to haunt us again. Bloody Digusting have revealed a fifth movie is in the works.

The Insidious flicks as a whole have not been known for a high standard but the original and to some extent Chapter 2 had their moments and based on box office returns compared to a relatively low budget meant Elise Rainier would become a millennial horror fan favourite character. Much like the other movies The Last Key benefits from this character, with Lin Shaye playing the role as always.

It’s a shame that the best thing about a movie is one performance alone (and even Lin looks tired here) but this is the case. Insidious 4 is sadly the bottom of the barrel, it offers nothing new or original and feels like a rehash of the others (then again this is a cash in so that is to be expected) and has way too many elements of other, more known horrors filling out the rest of the story.

There is one genuinely good plot swerve into the middle of the movie but this is forgotten by the ending. If the pacing had been better and this revelation kept for the end instead then things could have been better. Obviously that doesn’t happen.

The rest of the plot is about Elise (who else?) and her upbringing at the home she lived in as a child. She has to go back there decades later to literally face the ghosts of her past and, gasp, the supernatural shit hits the fan. Anyone with a passing knowledge of spooky flicks will be able to predict what will happen and when.

There’s some brief extras, mainly on the set stuff with the cast talking about the film and Shaye’s character plus an alternative ending that is better than the one used.

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